HySynergy Wins Green Power Award 2023

Jun 2, 2023

As you can see from the broad smiles in this picture, it’s a big day for Crossbridge Energy. Together with Everfuel, we have just won the first edition of Green Power Denmark s Green Award with our joint HySynergy project in a very strong field, and of course we are very proud of that!

It has taken years of close and trusting cooperation between our two companies to translate green ambitions into Europe’s largest hydrogen plant, but we have certainly not been able to do it alone, as our refinery manager, Finn Schousboe, puts it:

“I am incredibly proud and touched that we can bring the Green Power Award home to Fredericia and the Triangle Region, where we are currently in the process of the green transition with the refinery in a central role. Of course, this does not happen by itself, so a big and heartfelt thank you to all our employees and partners for their tireless efforts. It’s as much their prize as it is ours.”

We receive the award based on the first phase of the project. From our perspective, however, the Green Power Award is not only a pat on the back for where we are today, but also a recognition of the enormous transition potential that lies in linking a traditional fossil industry to a green future, one step at a time. We are now really starting that journey with the HySynergy project!

In addition to the honor and a nice statuette, we also received DKK 30,000, which we have chosen to donate to a green information campaign among the primary schools in Fredericia, and thus hopefully help strengthen the green transition in our region by inspiring a new generation. The information campaign is run by Triangle Energy Alliance (TEA), who is also behind the nomination for the Green Power Award.

See more in Green Power Denmark’s press release here.

HySynergy is a collaborative project between Crossbridge Energy A/S, Everfuel, TVIS – Trekantområdets Varmetransmissionsselskab I/S, TREFOR, EWII, Aktive Energi Anlæg A/S and Energinet.