Safety First: Crossbridge Energy’s New Helmet Technology Takes Employee Protection to the Next Level

Mar 3, 2023

At Crossbridge Energy we operate safely or not at all.

No matter the activity, things start with safety, and this also applies to personal safety equipment.

Personal safety equipment includes, among other things, a helmet and sensor, which have been recently updated our Crossbridge Energy refinery in Fredericia, Denmark.

The new helmet has been selected according to a number of criteria, and it is thus both comfortable, sturdy, and state of the art when it comes to communication.

The operations staff at the refinery can thus communicate with each other and with the control room, and this communication option is now built into the helmet itself in the hearing protector. In fact, for quite a few of the helmets it also includes the possibility of bluetooth connection to a mobile phone.

Built-in radio has made internal communication significantly easier, which was previously achieved via regular hand-held radios.

The helmet also boasts a new 4-gas sensor which has been upgraded to the latest technology, and it can do much more than just detect gas species. It can be used to communicate if a need should arise, but its main purpose is to detect that employees are not exposed to harmful gases, and to give an alarm if it measures these gases in the air.

Additionally, Crossbridge Energy’s process plant and tank area take quite a lot of space in the landscape, so being able to distinguish people from a distance is of great value. The refinery occupies more than 150 football fields – and if one has to drive by car around the fence, then there are a little more than 5.5 kilometers around.

Therefore, having an easily distinguishable helmet from a distance is of great importance. The new helmet is green, which makes it easy to distinguish Operations Staff from Crossbridge Energy staff as well as subcontractors from a distance.

We are excited to implement this technology to ensure the safety of all our employees!